Updating Cisco Nexus directly via SCP

By | 2020-12-10

Last week, I needed to update my Cisco Nexus 3131Q MetroCluster backend switches to NX-OS 9.3(3). But I had the problem, that I didn’t had a webserver for the NXOS update file, which was reachable from the switches. Additionally I was not in the mood to drive into the datacenter and upload the files via USB-stick, because this would have meant a about 100km drive 🙂

Because I’m lazy sometimes, I searched for another solution – and here it is: you just can upload your files diretly via SCP to your Nexus Switches.

The only trick was to adjust these two advanced settings: “Remote directory” and “Shell“:

Now you can lean back and start your update as every time 🙂
install all nxos bootflash:nxos.9.3.3.bin

One thought on “Updating Cisco Nexus directly via SCP

  1. Prag

    Really cool. it works for me. I was looking for it but didn’t find it. Finally I got it.
    Thanks a lot.Really appriciate it!!


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