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Updating Cisco Nexus directly via SCP

By | 2020-12-10

Last week, I needed to update my Cisco Nexus 3131Q MetroCluster backend switches to NX-OS 9.3(3). But I had the problem, that I didn’t had a webserver for the NXOS update file, which was reachable from the switches. Additionally I was not in the mood to drive into the datacenter and upload the files via… Read More »

ONTAP update to 9.7 fails via GUI

By | 2020-06-09

While updating from 9.x to 9.7 via GUI im getting this error message: “Failed to add the software image to the cluster.The request body must have content type multipart/form-data with a field named file” The solution is very easy: starting with ONTAP 9.7, the image size is above 2 GB and the cluster cannot upload… Read More »

Exim Mail-Server with Microsoft (Office) 365 and TLS errors

By | 2020-05-08

In the last days I got several calls, that I cannot receive emails from NetApp. After some debugging I found out, that my exim mailserver seems to refuse mails from NetApp which are received via some * domains: 2020-05-08 15:34:00 TLS error on connection from ( [] (recv): Error in the pull function. 2020-05-08… Read More »

VMware vCenter Server Appliance Monitoring

By | 2019-11-27

In the last years we had multiple problems with our VMware vCenter Server Appliances, because for example the filesystem for the SEAT database ran full. Without having a look at the appliance management interface, you will have to spend much time for debugging your problems. To prevent these kind of problems, I’ve written some scripts… Read More »

Nagios / Icinga Monitoring for NetApp Solidfire/ H-Series

By | 2019-11-20

For NetApp Solidfire aka H-Series (ElementOS) there’s a Techical-Report, how to get your capacity and performance data into nice Grafana dashboards. That’s pretty cool, but Grafana itself cannot do any alarming. We are still using Nagios or Iciniga for our monitoring and alarming, so we needed a solution how to include the Solidfire storages into… Read More »

NetApp FabricPool

By | 2019-04-08

Today in the talk: NetApp FabricPool. Or: “Bridging (All-Flash) FAS systems with the hybrid cloud(s)”. Introduction With NetApp FabricPool you can attach a S3 storage (NetApp StorageGRID, Amazon S3 or any other compatible) to an All-Flash FAS system and make it’s aggregates hybrid thereby. It could be used to move your cold data (i.e. snapshot… Read More »

NetApp ONTAP Select for VMware Datastores

By | 2019-02-08

For small environments, VMware’s software defined storage ‘vSAN’ is a very nice for solution for a shared storage between multiple hypervisors, which gives you the ability to use enterprise features like HA and DRS. But if your environment is too small, you may got a few problems because vSAN needs some requirements: at least one… Read More »