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NetApp | Automatic reschedule multiple snapmirrors

We are experiencing a very high CPU usage due to many (in our case >100) simultaneously starting snapmirror transfers at the same time (for example at 5 minutes after every full hour, if using the cron “hourly”). I’ve written a script with distributes all snapmirror relations across four schedules using the NetApp Perl SDK. The… Read More »

NetApp | Destroying foreign aggregates

node run -node <node> options nodescope.reenabledcmds “aggr=destroy” aggr destroy <foreign aggr name> options nodescope.reenabledcmds “” Or the newer, better way: storage aggregate remove-stale-record -aggregate <foreign aggr name> -nodename <node>

Moving Aggregate within a cDOT Cluster from von HA-Pair to another

Use this commands on your own risk 🙂 Take aggregate offline and remove the disk ownership: cluster::*> aggr offline aggr2 cluster::*> disk removeowner 1a.20.* Recable the shelf(s) and reassign the disks to the new node: cluster::*> disk assign -all true -node node3 In the nodeshell, try to find the aggregate and bring it online again:… Read More »