NetApp | Automatic reschedule multiple snapmirrors

By | 2018-03-20

We are experiencing a very high CPU usage due to many (in our case >100) simultaneously starting snapmirror transfers at the same time (for example at 5 minutes after every full hour, if using the cron “hourly”).

I’ve written a script with distributes all snapmirror relations across four schedules using the NetApp Perl SDK.

The cron schedules have to look like this:

cluster::> cron show hourly.*

              hourly.0    @:00
              hourly.15   @:15
              hourly.30   @:30
              hourly.45   @:45

Now you can run my script which distributes all relationships round robin over all four schedules.

You can find my script here: GitHub

After modifying all schedules, our CPU usage went down massively 🙂

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