NetApp Metrocluster Monitoring

By | 2018-06-06

I’ve written some new Monitoring Checks for NetApp Metrocluster (MCC) which can be used in addition to my normal NetApp cDOT Checks. Both can be found in my GitHub Repository:

Metrocluster Aggr Status:

Checks, wheather the aggregate mirroring status, disk pool allocation and the disk ownership is OK.

Metrocluster State:

Checks the following options:

  • local-configuration-state: should be ‘configured’
  • local-mode: should be ‘normal’
  • local-periodic-check-enabled: should be ‘true’
  • remote-configuration-state: should be ‘configured’
  • remote-mode: should be ‘normal’
  • remote-periodic-check-enabled: should be ‘true’

Metrocluster Config Status:

Checks the following options:

  • storage-status: should be ‘ok’
  • cluster-streams: should be ‘ok’
  • is-enabled: should be ‘true’
  • is-running: should be ‘true’
  • remote-heartbeat: should be ‘ok’
  • vserver-streams: should be ‘ok’

Metrocluster Check:

Checks wheather “nodes”, “lifs”, “config_replication”, “aggregates” and “clusters” are OK. For some configurations you need to exclude the “lifs”, because for example you only use iSCSI on one site in a 4-node configuration.


If any of the above checks or values isn’t ok: you really should have a look at your Metrocluster 😉

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