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Nagios / Icinga Monitoring for NetApp Solidfire/ H-Series

By | 2019-11-20

For NetApp Solidfire aka H-Series (ElementOS) there’s a Techical-Report, how to get your capacity and performance data into nice Grafana dashboards. That’s pretty cool, but Grafana itself cannot do any alarming. We are still using Nagios or Iciniga for our monitoring and alarming, so we needed a solution how to include the Solidfire storages into‚Ķ Read More »

Unboxed: NetApp HCI

By | 2019-11-17

Today I want don’t want to hold back some new stuff from you. It’s time for unboxing a brand new NetApp HCI System. When you hear HCI, you think about Hyper Converged Infrastructure. With HCI you converge compute and storage infrastructure into one single chassis. But the biggest disadvantage is the scalability. You cannot independently‚Ķ Read More »