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VMware vCenter Server Appliance Monitoring

By | 2019-11-27

In the last years we had multiple problems with our VMware vCenter Server Appliances, because for example the filesystem for the SEAT database ran full. Without having a look at the appliance management interface, you will have to spend much time for debugging your problems. To prevent these kind of problems, I’ve written some scripts… Read More »

VMware | Automatic fix LUN multipath policy to Round-Robin

By | 2018-05-30

A newly (manual) added FC datastore has a default multipath policy of “Most Recently Used (MRU)” or “Fixed” – both means, that there will be only one path used at a time. We wanted all our datastores to use multiple paths, so we switched all our datastores to “Round Robin (RR)”. With about 10 storage… Read More »

VMware | Pre-Provision Distributed Virtual Switch with 2000 VLANs and Network QoS

By | 2018-05-29

For later productive use, we needed about 2000 portgroups in our Distributed Virtual Switch for our customer VMs. We are pre-provisioning our DVS with these portgroups, so there is no need to create the PG, when it is needed. Our network department just needs to configure the VLAN an the hypervisors trunk ports and our… Read More »